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Click on the breakout session titles below to learn more about the sessions and their speakers!

7:30-8:15 AM REGISTRATION w/LIGHT BREAKFAST sponsored by our Gold Sponsors

Serving: Coffee, tea, & orange juice with breakfast bars, fresh fruit cups, and yogurt w/granola.
8:15-8:30 AM WELCOME
8:30-9:30 AM KEYNOTE

Denise Hamburger - Body Confident Schools: Becoming BodyKind From the Start
9:30-9:40 AM Break
Room #1 ED Care - Best Practices for Treating Binge Eating Disorder
Room #2 Rosewood - Mom in the Mirror
Room #3 Reasons - Eating Disorders in Elder Years and Beyond
Room #4 Food Freedom Nutrition - Moving Beyond Meal Plans
Room #5 EDCI - “You're An Adult Now”: Challenges and Strengths of Autistic Adult Eating Disorders

10:40-10:50 AM Break
Room #1 ED Care - Best Practices for Treating Binge Eating Disorder
Room #2 ERC - The Psychology of Trauma
Room #3 Monte Nido & Affiliates - Supporting Some to a Recovered Life
Room #4 Laureate - How to Improve Adolescents Body Image
Room #5 Amy’s Gift - Embodiment: Discovering the Safe Space Within

11:50 AM-12:00 PM Break
12:00-1:00 PM LUNCH PANEL w/ERC sponsored by our Platinum Sponsor

Serving: Fresh cucumber and tomato salad, spinach salad with spicy bacon dressing, country style mashed potatoes, sweet buttered corn, farmers greens beans, meatloaf with house gravy, roasted turkey, warm dinner rolls.
1:00-1:10 PM Break
Room #1 Monte Nido & Affiliates - Applying DBT Consultation
Room #2 McCallum Place - Moving Towards Balance
Room #3 Reasons - Eating Disorders in Elder Years and Beyond
Room #4 Alsana - The Endless Sensation of Hunger

Room #5 Amy’s Gift: Eating Disorder Support Group Panel
2:10-2:20 PM Break/SNACK: Protein Bars & Trail Mixes sponsored by our Silver Sponsors
Room #1 ED Care - Best Practices for Treating Binge Eating Disorder
Room #2 EDCI: They Won’t Just Eat “When They Get Hungry”
Room #3 McCallum Place - Moving Towards Balance
Room #4 Laureate - How to Improve Adolescents Body Image


Keynote/Lunch Session Space – Salons B/C

Breakout Room #1 – Riviera Room

Breakout Room #2 – Monte Carlo Room

Breakout Room #3 – Rio de Janeiro Room

Breakout Room #4 - St. Croix Room

Breakout Room #5 – Salons B/C

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CMEs & CEs

If  you are applying for CME/CE credit (or credit of any nature) 

makes sure to sign in during each breakout session. 


General Public Breakout Sessions located in the Room #5/Salon B/C  

are NOT eligible for CME/CE credit.  

At the end of the conference an evaluation will be emailed to all participants.

Once this evaluation has been completed, you will be emailed your certificate. 

All evaluations must be completed by Friday, October 14th.

Presentations & handouts

Body Confident Schools: Becoming Body Kind From the Start
PRESENTER: Denise Hamburger, JD, Founder & Executive Director of BE REAL

BodyKind Curriculum Pilot Fact Sheet

Body Confident Schools Fact Sheet

The Psychology of Trauma: Treating Personality Disorders and Cultivating Compassion forComplex, Hard to Treat Conditions

PRESENTER: Susan McClanahan, PhD, CEDS

Presentation Slides

Best Practices for Treating Binge Eating Disorder

PRESENTER:  Denisa Larreau, MS, LIMHP, Program Coordinator, EDCare Omaha

Presentation Slides

Mom in the Mirror: Eating Disorders in Pregnancy and Parenting

PRESENTER: Dena Cabrera, Psy.D., CEDS, Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders VP of Clinical Services

Presentation Slides

Supporting Someone to a Recovered Life: Understanding the Levels of Care and the Support to Provide

PRESENTER: Samantha Peterson, MA, LCPC, CADC, Regional Director of Monte Nido and Affiliates

Presentation Slides

Applying the DBT Consultation Agreements in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

PRESENTER: Gregory Holich, MS LCPC, Assistant Clinical Director of Clementine Naperville

Presentation Slides

Eating Disorder Treatment Considerations for Individuals in Midlife & Beyond

PRESENTER: Christina Perez, PhD, Director of Admissions and Case Management at Reasons Eating Disorder Center

Presentation Slides

How to Improve Adolescents Body Image within the Family System

PRESENTER: Mackenzie “Mack” Jantsch, MS, LMFT, Laureate Eating Disorders Program

Presentation Slides

Book Recommendations Handout

Self Care Mandala Handout


Moving Towards Balance: Fitness and Eating Disorder Recovery

PRESENTER: Hannah Frazee, BS, ACSM-EP-C, Exercise Physiologist, McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment

Presentation Slides

They Won't Just Eat "When They Get Hungry": A Practitioner's Approach to Disordered Eating in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

PRESENTER: Julia Freeman, M.S., RBT, Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa

Presentation Slides

Links Handout

The Endless Sensation of Hunger: Commonalities, Differences and Simultaneous Treatment of Eating Disorders and Substance Use

PRESENTER: Rebekah A. Freese, LCSW, PHD, Senior Regional Executive Director, Alsana

Presentation Slides

Moving Beyond Meal Plans: How to Transition Clients to Intuitive Eating

PRESENTER: Michelle Russell, RD, LD, CEDS

Presentation Slides

10 Intuitive Eating Principles Handout

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