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Eating disorder specialists believe that chances for recovery increase the earlier symptoms are detected. This is why knowing where to find the best information for screening, treatment, and support is crucial. 

This page contains valuable resources for anyone facing an eating disorder diagnoses, their care takers, advocates, or those who wish to learn more. 

About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders include extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues. They are brain based, biological illnesses with a strong genetic component and psychosocial influences. They are not lifestyle choices.

Up to 10% of the population experiences eating disorders in some form.

They often have serious consequences for health,
productivity, and relationships. Eating disorders impact millions of people every year in
the United States. Those who suffer span a wide variety of types, from elementary school aged girls to middle aged wo/men to competitive athletes.

Click through the links below to access a list of our local resources. 

Enjoying Outdoor

Eating Disorder Support Groups

It is also important to know where support groups can be accessed.

Find a list of local and national resources below.  

upcoming events

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National Organizations

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NEDA Toolkits


The NEDA Educator Toolkit is a resource for educators, staff who work in a school setting or those who work with youth outside of school. If you want to understand more about eating disorders, if you’d like to know how to support students and young people who may be affected, this information will help you.

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